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Weekly Report 2022.30



键等 13~24





  • 证实谬误:我们只关注从已观察到的事物中预先挑选出来的那部分,并从它推及未观察到的部分。
    • 人工饲养 1000 天的火鸡在第 1001 天被送往「断头台」
  • 叙述谬误:我们用那些符合我们对明显模式的偏好的故事欺骗自己。
    • 网络上看到的那些「厄运」不会降临在自己身上
    • 经济/股市会持续上涨




  1. 毕业工作之后,觉得是一个摆脱父母「控制」的契机,逐渐减少了与父母之间的交流
  2. 随着时日变迁,亲子关系也逐渐淡如水
  3. 而且中国式的父母有一个很大的特点,自家发生的事情(坏事),要对所有人隐瞒
  4. 所以,等到实在瞒不住,联系孩子的时候,基本上已经到了不可挽回的地步

在步入社会后,确实,可以逐渐淡化亲子之间的关系 (并不是说断绝关系。。),但同时需要建立起更加对等的类似于「旧友」式的关系;沟通很重要,没有充足有效的沟通,一切珍贵的关系都会逐渐褪色。



医学上有一个首字母缩写词语 NED - No Evidence of Disease,意思是没有证据表明存在疾病;但并不存在一个 END - Evidence of No Disease,即证明没有疾病的证据。

一个人的死亡是悲剧,100 万人的死亡只是统计学意义上的说法。统计学默默地存在于我们之间。


How to own your growth as a software engineer

  • Junior engineers: 70% of the job is learning.
  • Mid-level engineers: 70% of the job is building.
  • Senior engineers: 70% of the job is designing.
  • Lead engineers: 70% of the job is collaborating.

At each level the expectations of what a software engineer does changes.

Learning in the brain

Basic Brain Function

  • The function of the brain is to receive signals from the environment, process them and respond effectively to support the well-being and survival of the organism
  • The information about what may be effective in a given situation is retrieved from the long-term memory system that stores knowledge gained from past experiences

Learning Model

  • Know
  • Understand
  • Use
  • (practice to reach) Mastery

The Riddle of Boredom

The absence of mental stimulation - If there is no external stimulus provoking an internal response, then there is no movement in mind or body, and boredom ensues

Tame longing without any particular object - Undirected Desire

It’s when you long for something better, without knowing what that “something better” might even be. As a result, you try to satisfy it with various distractions, but without any purposeful pursuit, the cycle of boredom continues.

Desire’s greatest trick is in convincing us that we will be satisfied after we fulfill it

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The older I get, the more I realize that most of life is a matter of what we pay attention to, of what we attend to [with focus].
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